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Last updated: February 6, 2020

Remember when a TV ad about a new blender showed up that late Sunday night, and you said: “I have to buy this!”?
Those days are gone. Well. Not exactly.

Visual Identity.yesyesyes
Social Media Accounts Management.yesyesyes
Organic Marketing Strategy and Implementation.yesyesyes
Content Marketing (Blogs – Posts – Comments).yesyesyes
Messenger Management (Without Chatbot).yesyesyes
Reviews Collector.yesyes
Facebook SEO.yesyes
Chatbot build.yesyes
Engagement Incrementing (Via Giveaways – Events …).yesyes
Facebook Ads (Brand Awareness
Campaigns – Conversion Campaigns – Lead Generations).
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy with implementation.yes
Twitter Ads and Linkedin ads when you need.yes
Delivery time10 Days
7 Days
4 Days

About Service

Social media is like the TV of the future, where people engage, share, comment, spend hours looking at cats’ pictures (most of the time). But most important of all, social media has become a place for business to show their brand, their visions and ambitions, and to attract their customers and clients, some people make it seem difficult, some do it wrong, we do it elegantly.
With our flexible social media marketing packages, we can make your brand appear to the right people at the right time.

Our Services include:
1- Paid Advertisement (CPI – CPC)
2- Organic Social Media Advertisement

First – Organic Social Media Advertisement and brand awareness:

a. Visual Identity
b. Social Media Accounts Management
c. Chatbot Build
d. Reviews Collector
e. Facebook SEO
f. Organic Marketing Strategy and/or Implementation
g. Content Marketing (Blogs – Posts – Comments )
h. Engagement Incrementing (Via Giveaways – Events …)
i. Messenger Management (With or Without Chatbot)

Second – Paid Advertisement:
As high as organic reach goes, it is still limited, therefore we might have to do paid advertisement, which includes:
a. Facebook Ads (Brand Awareness Campaigns – Conversion Campaigns – Lead Generations)
b. Instagram Ads
c. Twitter Ads
d. Linkedin Ads
e. Pinterest Ads
f. Shopify Ads
g. Amazon Ads

Keep in mind that we always have special services beyond our plans, and our experts are here to share their knowledge and apply their carefully chosen strategies.
With our 3 flexible plans (Basic – Advanced – Premium) we make sure that we can fit your business needs at no extra cost.
You’re Worth It.

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