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SEO Study & Website Analysis For

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We divide our reports into the six main SEO sections, which are:

  1. Content.
  2. Technical.
  3. General Scores
  4. Offsite.
  5. Local SEO.
  6. Visuals.

Before we start, the website is somewhat beautiful, attractive, and User Friendly in general.

But as you know, the SEO and Analysis study takes a lot of factors into account.

So, we should follow Google Rules in order to succeed, and that’s SEO in a nutshell.

The Content Study

  • Testing the keywords consistency:

keywords need SEO optimization since the main keywords are not added in H tags, or Meta Descriptions (A meta description is important for search engines to understand the content of the page, and is often shown as the description text blurb in search results.)

Additionally, there is no keyword consistency.

Thus, the website needs a keyword strategy from 5 to 8 Main keywords (with some synonymous) mentioned in every page, titles, meta descriptions, and content.

Error in HTML Header Tagging
Single Keywords Performance on SEO factors
Keywords Phrases Performance on SEO factors
  • Number of words:

Some pages don’t have enough number of words, which may cause an indexability problem, since Google needs a good number of words with keywords and descriptions to understand and index the pages well.

For example, The homepage doesn’t have enough number of words, which is big problem for SEO (especially the home page):

Need to improve website content
  • Testing blogs (frequency, number of words, number of keywords, quality):

There is no blog inside the website, and it needs a blog to increase the SEO score.

One of the most important factors in SEO Content is the Blog page, which gives fresh and updated content for search engines with targeted keywords, efficient style, and huge traffic.

The website cannot rank well without a fresh and updated content, so blogs are the main factor in the content section.

  • Missing Titles:

The website has a lot of missing titles, which is a big problem for search engines because they depend on your title to discover your page.

Missing Titles
  • Unique Content:

The Website percentage of unique content needs some working and paraphrasing:

Duplicate Content
  • The copy paste percentage between pages is not good:
Plagiarized: to use another person’s ideas or work and pretend that it is your own
  • Grammatical Errors:

The website has some grammar, misspelling, and punctuation errors that affect screen readers, search engines, and professionalism.

Let’s take a sample from the “About us” page:

For this piece of text-only, you scored 62 on Grammarly, which is considered as a bad result:

Grammar is essential factor in Content Writing
  • Testing the quality of the keywords:

There are no main keywords used to optimize SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SMO (Social Media Optimizations) which should all have used the main keywords on the website.

SEO Density Algorithm
  • Content Strategy:

The website needs a content strategy for blogs, articles, guides, descriptions, and keywords.

The content strategy is very important for both SEO and content marketing, since it helps you track keywords, performance, and content quality.

There should be good working on the blog’s funnel phases to ensure the best traffic and result, with some subjects planning and regular posting for fresh content.

  • Some various content issues:
Content issues

Recommendation and Notes:

  1. Increasing CTR by the following few SEO writing rules:
  • use question words in writing titles. (When, Why, Where).
  • Use (numbers) and follow them by nouns. (5 tips, 6 lessons, etc.).
  • Unify the font Family instead of using many fonts, that way we make the website lighter and faster.
  • Working on SEO writing style for website content and blogs, with ensuring relatedness and quality by a content strategy.
  • Picking up the right keywords for every page.
  • Mainly concentrated to provide unique information compared to other competitors (competitor content analysis).

Some content tips for SEO:

Putting the primary keyword in the title  
Make the title click-worthy  
Putting the primary keyword in the first sentence  
adding synonyms of the primary keyword  
Avoiding spelling and grammatical errors
Making the article long enough for SEO (more than 500 words)
Making the information and the language easy to understand
Trying to be engaging as possible
Using short paragraphs
  Using bullet points and numbered lists
Asking questions
Making the articles unique
Making the Language clear & simple

Notes about the best writing styles in blogs and articles on the website for SEO:

  • Asking questions.
  • Be conversational.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Care about Grammars.
  • Be attractive & engaging and try to use words like you (personalization).
  • Include images & videos (if suitable).
  • Use social Media Icons on your articles and blogs.

The Technical Study

First: Performance & Page Speed

The page speed on mobile is bad, and it needs some working:

Page Speed for Mobile interface

The General performance score for is very good, the site speed is fast, low page size, and low requests. Minified resources, and compressed images.

General Performance Score

The only thing that we should focus on when it comes to performance (and it’s not very critical) is Minifying JavaScript files since they are a bit heavier than usual.

Performance Measuring

Second: Site health

The website has overall 56 Errors, and 69 warnings.

Most errors involve having duplicate content, which is very bad for Search Engine Optimization, here is a short brief:

Site Health and other issue
More issue on text-Html ratio, low word count, and broken links

On the other hand, there 69 warnings about low word count, and low ratio of text-HTML:

More issue on Duplicate descriptions, duplicate title tags, and duplicate content

Third: On-Site SEO:

There are many works to do in the SEO side, since there are a lot of pages with low-none Score on meta information and header (H1-H6) Tags.

On-Site SEO Tactics to work on… 😏

And since the content size is not very high, we should focus on getting more content written, which presents to us an opportunity to include relevant keywords in order to increase Google search results visibility.

Website Content is Below Average

In terms of Links, the internal links going to social media are not set correctly, we should have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc… connected to the website in order to increase social link building between the website and social media.

Social Media Links Troubleshoot 🧐

Fourth: Various Issues:

  1. HTML Issues:

You have 34 errors and warnings in the HTML code:

Html Issues
  • CSS Issues:

You have 58 Errors in the CSS code and 1063 warnings:

CSS Issues
  • Broken Links:

You have two broken links in the website, which is a really big problem for search engines to crawl your pages:

Broken Links
  • Page Loading Issues:

Your website has some loading issues:

Page Loading Issues
  • Your website is mobile-friendly:

Good Job:

Mobile Friendly
  • General Programming Issues:
Summery of Programming Issues
  • Inline Style:

Your page is using inline style in coding which is a bad practice for SEO:

Bad Practice Coding Effect SEO
  • Some Critical Issues:
Website Health Report
Deep Examination
  • Analytics Tool:

The website seems not to be connected with Google Analytics!

Not Connecting To Google Analytics
  1.  Plain Text For Emails:
Should Doing an Email Form
  1.  AMP For Mobiles (Good Practice for Loading Faster):
AMP Issue, AMP is optimized for mobile web browsing and intended to help webpages load faster
  1.  Structured Data Testing Tool:

The website has some structured issues:

Data Structured Issues
  1.  Screaming Frog Notes:

Many blocked Links and non-indexed pages:

Screaming Frog Report on Website Links

A lot of pages are without Hs and Meta Keywords:

Screaming Frog Report on Headers and Meta Keywords

Missing pagination:

pagination in major issue in SEO, this might effect website response time 

Some pages response time is very low:

Screaming Frog Report on Response time

There is no minifying or removing CSS:

should removing unnecessary or redundant data

Technical recommendations:

  1. Avoid 3xx error, 4xx error, “Soft 404” error, and 5xx error.
  2. Page loads in 3s-5s.
  3. HTTP requests minimized.
  4. Compression used.
  5. Responsiveness with Most Devices.
  6. Appropriate H Tags usage (H1-H6).
  7. No broken links.
  8. No Html or coding Errors.
  9. Following SEO tools recommendations in structure and performance.
  10. Meta Descriptions.
  11. Regenerate Sitemap.
  12. Browser caching used.

The General Score Study

  1. SEO General Score from Woorank:
SEO Score

The SEO Score needs some working.

  • General Performance Test:
Performance Matrixs
  • Some General Suggestions from Dev tools:
Suggestions on Optimize The Performance
  • Website General Score from SiteChecker:
Report From SiteChecker
Critical Site Issue
Warning Site Issue
Site Issue for Best Practices
  • Some tasks from SEODIGITAL:

Advises to make the website has better rank and powerful performance
More think to do, to have good results

Offsite Study


The website has a few backings (6 in total) but with low quality anchor text, we should communicate with them to ask to change their anchor text since irrelevant anchor text is bad for SEO.

We should also start connecting with more relevant people in the niche to build a strong back-link structure.

This were the website get traffic from other pages on the internet, it’s like a trust volume

Domain Authority

This is how much the website is spreading across the internet web-pages

The domain authority score is low, and it needs an offsite strategy, link building, increasing trust and visibility in Google.

The Local SEO Study

GMB (Google My Business)

Very Good, The Customers Look Happy from the Service, and has many reviews 😮

The Google My business of ash cafe is powerful, since it contains nearly 600 reviews, and the owner is doing a good job of answering all the reviews.

However, questions are not being answered (See screenshot above).

And images are not Geo-Tagged to improve SEO.

Finally, there should be GMB posts regularly and this business seems to skip them.

Google Maps

There should be some working on maps citations.

The Visual Study

  • Header:

The Header is good, but the icons are small, which makes it hard for reading:

Nice Header Appearance, Just need to make the categories more big
  • Footer:
The Website Footer

The footer is very bad, there should be more social accounts, there should be also some standard conventions following, and the it is not clickable.

Additionally, it should contain the about page, the blogs page.

The email should be clickable.

The phone number should be clickable.

There should be a map.

You should contain the working hours.

  • More notes:
  • The website should contain more attractive call to actions like:
  1. Free consultation
  2. Ask our experts.
  3. Read More.
  4. Get a free eBook.
  5. Lead Collection
  • A lot of white spaces:
white spaces can effect the website design and make it look empty
  • The texts are small, hard to read, and to formatting well:
Font size are not fit for this interface, it can be hard to read
  • Bad formatting, whitespaces, and very close:
very close elements can be a real problem in website interface, users can find it hard to navigate through the site.
  • The live chat button is not obvious:
Need better design for the “Chat Button”
  • Small and large words:
Need More Font Size Adjustment
  • Arabic, English, white spaces, and small icons:
This section kinda messy, need organized
  • There should be two languages for the website.
  • The left white side is larger than the right side:
Need Better Alignment
  • The footer is very small and not structured well:
Site map need organized well, and the button are too small
  • Many white spaces, bad formatting, and not completing categories:
white spaces Issue on interface
  1. The text formatting in the products descriptions are not formatted well:
Fuzzy Content, Need to Fix

Not obvious to read:

This a product description that should be more clear to read
  1. Fonts are bad:
The text is not formatting in right way, can be hard to read.
  1. Issues in displaying:
Need Better Text Formatting
  1. More and more call to actions:
There are no Call To Action Button on the this landing page

1. The pictures have some issues in displaying:

You can not move right and left easily:

UX Note: Need to make the product more smooth to move left and right

2. The cover pictures need more padding:

Empty Space in Cover Picture
Empty Space in Cover Picture

3. The details from cart option is not there:

Details lack in Cart Option

4. There should be more detailed and structured categories:

The filter is not obvious, and it is better to use more detailed categories:

Poor Categories and Detailed

Our recommendation is to working more on the UX and UI for SEO using some SEO standard structure practices since the website needs a front-end deep test, but we’ve highlighted some general notes.

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