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Osama Alhamoud

Osama Alhamoud


Yes Go
Open your eyes and say Yes.

Our Team

Talal Danoun

Talal Danoun

Web Developer

Leave your comfort zone and you’ll reach the impossible.
Hammam Zarefa

Hammam Zarefa

Web Developer

Never dream of success, work for it.
Basel Sallom

Bassel Al-Salloum

Graphic Designer

It's not only a style .. it's an attitude era.
Qusai Ali

Mahmoud Aldiek

Emarketer & Content Creator

If you want to be special, you have to be ambitious first.
Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa

Front End Developer

You never lose until you actually give up.
Kenan Hussein

Kenan Hussein

Web Developer

Think a lot, code a few, Keep it simple, keep it stupid.
Mohammad al Kalaleeb

Mohammad Al Kalaleeb

Web Developer

Work smarter, not harder.
Mujeeba Haj Najeeb

Mujeeba Haj Najeeb

Scrum Master

Dream big & work hard.

Hanan Al-Jarmakani

UX / UI Designer

We are what we believe in. I believe in unlimited ideas, creative souls and unlimited passion I believe in unlimitedly.

Assem Al Khateeb

Sales & Marketing Specialist

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

Alayham Ali

Video Editor & Motion Grapher

The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere.

Hazem Alkhatib

SEO Expert & Digital Marketer

Young ambitious student and hard worker, my goal is to learn everything I can about science and technology.

Osama Zammam

Marketing & Designer

When our daily work becomes fun, we create.
Rami AlSallom

Rami Alsalloum

Backend Developer

Basel Sallom

Zolfekar Seleten

Flutter Developer

Habeb Kanbr

Habib Kanbar

software developer

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