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Migrate your prestashop online shop to a new server

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Migrating your PrestaShop store to a new server is one of the technical tasks any online store owner is confronted with at some point in time. It isn’t particularly difficult to move your entire e-commerce to a different server. That said, there are a number of factors to take into account and a procedure to follow in a set order to avoid problems with your website.

Here, we give you a guide to make the migration using PrestaShop version 1.7


  1. Put your store in maintenance mode: In dashboard go to:
    – “shop parameters”
    – “General”
    – “Maintenance” page
    – Change “Enable Shop ” to” No”
    – Then click “save”.
    Note: Maintenance mode allows you to hide your site from visitors while it’s under construction. You can add your IP to disable maintenance mode for your IP only.
  2. Export current database and name it “oldStoreDB” (You will use it if something goes wrong):
    – Find phpMyAdmin in your server then
    – Choose your database
    – Click export
  3. Change shop url to a new url :in dashboard go to:
    – Shop parameters
    – Traffic and SEO
    – Shop url
    – Set shop url
  4. Export database again and name it “newStoreDB”.
  5. Back up all files in your old server and download it to your computer.
  6. Create database in new store server and import “newStoreDB”:
    – Find phpMyAdmin in a new server
    – Choose your database
    – Click import
    – Choose “newStoreDB” then click go.
  7. Upload your store files (step 5) to a new server.
  8. Set your new server parameters:
    – Go to file manager > app > config > parameters.php
    – Set new "Database_name", "database_password", "database_user", "database_host", and "databse_port"
    For example:
    'database_host' => '',
    'database_port' => '3306',
    'database_name' => ‘myStoreDb’',
    'database_user' => 'root',
    'database_password' => '12345'
  9. Go to the file manager and rename the .htaccess file to ‘old_ahtaccess’ (if you don’t find it go to file manager settings and show hidden files).
  10. Clear cache:
    – Go to dashboard 
    – “advanced parameters”
    – “performance”
    – “clear cache”
    – OR You can clear cache manually by delete this folder content except index.php:
    - cache/smarty/cache
    - img/tmp
  11. Finally, generate new .htaccess file:
    – Go to dashboard
    – Traffic and SEO
    – Disable friendly url 
    – Click save then enable friendly url again and click save


  • We recommend backup files and export databases when your new shop is ready and everything is working
  • If you want to use an old store for testing or developing, you can export oldStoreDB (step 2) on your old store.

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