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Get rid of your fears and unleash your creativity with Yes-Soft, since our job is to understand your imagination and make it real.
In fact, we are one of the first companies that provide artist e-commerce stores, and above that, we are the leading company in this field.
If you want to develop a long-term professional e-commerce Art site, you should always think of Yes-Soft solutions and services, since our reputation goes with it.

Services Basic Standard Premium
High-quality SPA Online store.
Search engine friendly.
Perfect site speed.
Mobile responsive.
Advanced navigation.
SEO (search engine optimization).
Professional marketing management for one month.
Best security features.
Android APP.
SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy with implementation.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy with implementation.
Offline marketing strategy.
Delivery time 15 Days 10 Days 5 Days
Revisions 1 1 2
Price 500€ 900€ 1200€

About Service

So, how can we help you to achieve your artistic inspirations?
We provide high-quality artistic e-commerce services, where you can SkyRocket your online sales and feel the quality with reasonable prices and flexibility for customizing or adding features based on your requirements.
Our projects are based on Agile method which gives us a lot of flexibility and makes it easier to consider the opinions of customers permanently.
The work is carried out by ordered steps, starting from a complete site analysis with the initial design, and ending with the necessary adjustments based on your requests.
The tasks will be done by qualified teams who are capable of taking on any instant responsibilities with an effective cost and under high pressure.
Our services are based on Ishtar platform, which is a great art selling platform developed by expert programmers to fit your needs and expectations.
Your site will be delivered after all the required adjustments are made, and together, we will achieve the desired results.
Our team of Developers, along with our Designers, Digital Marketing and SEO Specialists will make sure that your e-commerce platform looks simply awesome and ranks in google search results with the best methods of monitoring and measuring performance.
With our 3 flexible plans (Basic - Advanced - Premium) we ensure that we can fit your business needs at no extra cost, giving you only the services needed to make your artistic e-commerce platform a magnet for clients and looks smooth.
You're Worth It and always remember that we have a lot of nice offers beyond our plans.
To feel comfortable with your choice, you can take a look at one of our projects in artistic e-commerce platforms Ishtar.

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