Ishtar Platform

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

We are glad to inform you that this is the best place for you to unleash your dreams and get rid of your fears.
Sometimes, we need a little push and a big dream!
Release your inner-artist, reveal your colors, and let your creative-self take control.
With Ishtar, we try to unite artists from Syria and all over the world, to make, share and contribute with others, because we believe in the power of inspiration, so, it’s about time you start to get inspired and inspire others like you, who are just waiting for that little push.

You may ask yourself, what does Ishtar mean?

Ishtar is the East Semitic Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. She is the counterpart to the Sumerian Inanna and is the cognate for the Northwest Semitic Aramean goddess Astarte.
This magnificent history requires a great job so that we will introduce our integrated project Ishtar.
Ishtar is a unique website that is designed for presenting modern Syrian painting art and artists. We are trying to highlight the best Syrian artists in the art market today.

How we did that?

One interactive platform that makes it easy for everyone to follow the latest developments in the art field, in addition to secure buying and selling operations.
Yes-Soft is one of the first companies that provide artist e-commerce stores, and above that, we are the leading company in this field.
Our website has many features, where you can collect information about Artworks that are presented with a description for every piece (vital characteristic and cost).
You can select any preferable Artwork, and purchase via Bank Transfer.
What a simple guide!
Now, let us take a look at some particular characteristics of Ishtar Platform:

  • Excellent User Experience that pays attention to every detail.
  • Simple panel display with all the information you need to know.
  • We concentrate on introducing the Artwork and introducing the Artist.
  • A simple overview, showing the Artist’s life, career, and his current works.
  • Collecting painting reviews.
  • A massive variety of the targeted audience.
  • Clear purchase methods.

Our belief is “To win in the modern age; we must solve for humans,” so Ishtar cares about your entire experience, not just the marketing or sales or service.
Keep in mind that our reputation goes with Ishtar, where you can feel the creativity and the quality of modern programming techniques with a soft artistic soul.

Front End

  • Single Page Synchronized Application using Angular 9.
  • Module Centered Architecture.
  • MVC Modified as 5 Layers Architecture in Client Area.
  • Material Design Based Design in the Admin Area.
  • Bootstrap Design Based Design in Client Area.
  • RxJS Optimized Architecture.
  • Responsive Design Based Design.
  • Tokenized Login System with access roles access mode.
  • Logged on users only interactions (like clap and love).
  • SEO Optimizations like Knowledge Graph, metadata and keywords in Angular Based Context.
  • Google Analytics Integration optimized for reuse, as a modular architectural component.

Github link: Front end


  • Symfony 5 Based Project with the latest technologies that come with it
  • Modular Architecture
  • Only one external dependency (namely google).
  • Clean five-Layer Architecture
  • Automation of admin tasks
  • Behaviour tests using Behat
  • Load test using jmeter
  • The Architecture is Event-based.
  • Redis Caching for Login System
  • OAuth2 Connect based Login System
  • Authentication and Authorization System based on JWT.
  • Custom Scoping for Authorization in End-Points.

Github link: Backend