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How we built our website

Yes Soft
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When We discussed about our website, we thought of design simplicity, dynamism, security, affordability, customization and open source. We also needed an implemented and maintained platform with predefined database connection, easy-to-learn hooking techniques and wide range of plugins. We didn’t forget about active support community. As a result, we ended up choosing wordpress. There are many professional websites (nearly 29%) out there are created using it like CNN and PlayStation. So, why not!

We started with the UX study. We focused on a straightforward implementation. We wanted our website to be user-friendly for customers and visitors as well. So, we created our Yes-man character which takes you around the website and serves you at any time. 

On the other hand, UX team’s vision concentrated on showing detailed description about our services and projects. The target was showing professionalism.

Then, it came to the design phase. It was the designer’s decision to use colors you can see to emphasize the simplicity we  adopted. The result was totally satisfying. 

After UX study and Design phases, it came to developers’ team for implementation. We assigned building the website for each person individually. Because we wanted them to warm up as it was our first project, build an individualistic experience to each one of them, get used to wordpress as a platform and watch their performance separately. Then, we picked the best of their work.

They faced several difficulties:

  • The Main Source for exploring this CMS was the official Documentation, mainly the Codex and the Developers Website. Then they searched about examples to see how these functions actually work.
  • They also faced an issue of functionality collision between functions. This happens in wordpress because it’s an pre-programmed CMS. You have a specific UX study should be followed and you also have predefined functions allowed to use. Who is going to program every function himself when he has ready-to-use functions?! Absolutely noone. Problems occured when a function execution contrasted other’s. The solution was understanding more about the basic structure and choosing between functions what suited our needs without generating errors or bugs. We reached a point where there wasn’t any bug at all. 
  • Aside of wordpress functionality problem. Our team faced some difficulties using GitHub because they didn’t use it in their previous working team experiences. Like creating new branches, pulling them, make someone a contributor and so on. But, they overcame them simply by practice.

How the target was achieved?

As we mentioned before, we requested a full website from each member. The approach we followed was daily short meetings (inspired by Agile). Everyone should tell us what he did and what he was willing to do. What phase he reached and if there any problem he was facing. Maybe another member had faced it before and could help. 

We also divided the overall target (the website) into small scheduled tasks assigned for each member on Asana. After completing each task it should be reviewed by the supervisor and gave feedback. And we opened discussions between members on Slack all the time.

Building a company website isn’t that easy because it’s its identity which should be aware of. But, we did it…

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