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Building custom search architecture for your site using ELK: Kafka

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Kafka CLI

Make sure Kafka and Zookeeper are running in order to start the CLI commands. 

Kafka Topics

Start the following command: ./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat

This command shows all the commands that Kafka can do to the topics but it’s so long it’s tiresome.

So, what we will do is start the following command.

Create Topics from ZooKeeper

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –topic yes_topic –create

Now this will show documentation which means that something is wrong, the first line indicates the the partitions number is missing. How are we going to fix it? Well, the first tip of the day goes like this: 

ALWAYS, use partition number when creating a topic

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –topic yes_topic –create –partitions 3

again Press enter and voila, another error ;P it’s something about replication factor, that takes us to the second tip.

Use Replication Factor of 3, this is the gold standard in the industry

Fix this with this code:

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –topic yes_topic –create –partitions 3 –replication-factor 3

Another error. The message is Replication factor: 3 larger than available brokers: 1 well, this is due to the limited setup we used earlier, to fix it just change the replication-factor to 1 at this time, but we’ll go back to this another time.

Final ‘Working’ Code to create a topic:

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –topic yes_topic –create –partitions 3 –replication-factor 1

Topic is created by message that contains the confirmation.

Topics List

The command is really straight forward:

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –list

Here we found the topic at hand, you’re welcome.

More about topic

This command will show more details about it

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –topic yes_topic –describe

Here we see more details, not gonna talk a lot about those in this document, this is something to be described later in a video.

Delete Topic

./bin/windows/kafka-topics.bat –zookeeper –topic yes_topic –delete

Kafka Producers

So, this one produce the message from the data source and que it in Kafka, We’ll use this producer to send data to the Topic yes_topic just remember to yes_topic should be created by this point so if u deleted it just recreate it OK?

Send Messages

./bin/windows/kafka-console-producer.bat –broker-list –topic yes_topic

Remember that we connect to Kafka meaning we provide the port for Kafka NOT Zookeeper meaning

Changing Properties acks

To maximize data security without losing data, we would change the acks properties of the article, the main “Flags” we have are

  • acks=0: No guarantee that the data is received in the broker Very Risky
  • acks=1: the broker send confirmation from the main broker, this is the default
  • acks=all: the data is received and recorded throughout the cluster meaning the leader-broker and all it’s replicas Very Secure 

So, How can we change it?

./bin/windows/kafka-console-producer.bat –broker-list –topic yes_topic –producer-property acks=all

Publishing to a topic that doesn’t exist

If we tried the following:

./bin/windows/kafka-console-producer.bat –broker-list –topic mohammad_topic –producer-property acks=all

We get a warning BUT Kafka will create a topic in this name although it will take some time for the leader election to happen. so don’t warry about the warning signal, just it’s a good practice not to do that for several reasons:

  • Low replication factor
  • low number of partition

we could change this defaults however in the and get on with our lives.

Consumer for Topics

This command uses 2 arguments to run:

  1. Bootstrap server: the same as kafka basically
  2. topic: the name of the topic we are consuming from

The command goes like this

./bin/windows/kafka-console-consumer.bat –bootstrap-server –topic yes_topic

Nothing Happens. That’s because this line shows the messages from the Time of execution onward we can produce right now from the last section and you’ll see the new messages.

See the whole topic

./bin/windows/kafka-console-consumer.bat –bootstrap-server –topic yes_topic –from-beginning

But it’s a little strange isn’t it, the order is a bit odd, that’s because the que is ordered by partition, and since we created with 3 of them the order will be different.

Consumer Group Mode

First we add the consumer to a group:

./bin/windows/kafka-console-consumer.bat –bootstrap-server –topic yes_topic –group the_cult

Consumer here is started and is a group member of the_cult. Now to show the good plus here we execute the following again:

./bin/windows/kafka-console-consumer.bat –bootstrap-server –topic yes_topic –group the_cult

Now if we produce enough messages from the command: ./bin/windows/kafka-console-producer.bat –broker-list –topic yes_topic, we’ll see that the messages go to one consumer only, that’s because they are a consumer of the same group. Is it helpful? yes! we’ll see why later, but now it’s good enough to say that each consumer somewhat subscribes to a partition. But I will provide some details later.

Interesting thing to see

If we tried the same command but with different group name and we want the whole que we can write:

./bin/windows/kafka-console-consumer.bat –bootstrap-server –topic yes_topic –group the_new_cult

We see nothing!! but why? well, the first que was bookmarked as dealt with and this command shows the new messages from the moment of bookmarking forward. and we can see that because when finishing the consumer that it actually telling us so.

Kafka Consumer Group Commands

We can see a list of all consumer groups we have created by typing the following command:

./bin/windows/kafka-consumer-groups –list

You can see the code in Yes-Soft Github

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