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What is Yes Soft Company?

Yes Soft is an ecommerce specialized software company located in Berlin/ Germany. It adopts open-source methodology. All its projects’ codes are available on Github. Its team consists of developers, designers, content makers, testers and team managers. They work together remotely and results are always great. They use up-to-date technologies to bring your imaginary requirements to reality.

Yes Soft Sections

- We care about create creative templates. - Convert PSD to HTML. - Offer creative website with very easy dashboard.

- Do study about mobile applications. - Do study about web applications. - Ux study.

- Create creative apps using flutter - Create mobile apps work on Android & IOS devices.

- Upload apps to cloud - Upload any data to cloud.

- Create learning systems - Create systems for educational content - create website with live stream and easy dashboard

- Create logos and soical banners. - Create motion graphic videos. - Convert creative ideas into real design.

- Build creative website using Symfony. - Deal with APIs and Build them. - Solve all problems in Symfony websites.

- UI/UX study - Deal with customers to understand want they want. - Create creative design that reflacte customer ideas

- Create Wordpress websites - Add any plugin to Wordpress site - Solve any problems into any Wordpress website

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