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كيف طوّرنا موقعنا!

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عندما تناقشنا حول موقعنا، فكرنا في بساطة التصميم والديناميكية والأمن والقدرة على تحمل التكاليف والتخصيص…

How we built our website

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In this blog you’ll find how Yes Soft software company built its website using wordpress CMS, what difficulties they faces and how they overcomed them.

Deploy Angular To Github Pages

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Github Pages Deploy If you have just a regular website or just a complete front-end application using react, angular, vue or anything that doesn’t have a back-end, github pages is a nice free solution for it. Github Pages is a pretty convenient option for hosting especially because it’s free…

Business between companies (B2B)

Business  between  соmраnies  (B2B),  аlsо  knоwn  аs  B-tо-B,  is  а  fоrm  оf  inter-соmраny  trаnsасtiоn,  such …

Backend Skelton

In order to facilitate beginning a new project, we discuss what we usually do in…

Flutter in Continuous delivery and continuous deployment CI/ CD

Introduction CI/ CD (Continuous delivery and continuous deployment) is one of the best practices that…

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